The FAPAC Challenge is On!

Did you contribute to FAPAC yet?

Calling all Members –Architects, Associates, and Allied Members –of AIA Space Coast to DONATE NOW!

Although the recession has ended and members are busy with work, our FAPAC balance is woefully low.  Our PAC is in need of all contributions, to ensure a minimum of $70,000 is in our coffers for election campaigns.  This modest goal represents a contribution of only $22 from each of our 3,300 Florida architects.  What if every architect contributed $100?

A chapter challenge has been levied:  AIA Palm Beach has challenged each Florida component to raise a minimum of $1,000 before our Annual Convention in July.  AIA Northwest challenges the rest of the thirteen AIA Florida local components to have FULL MEMBER PARTICIPATION –for any amount of contribution!  If each of our AIA Space Coast members made a contribution, we could raise from $500 to 5,000!  Will you accept the challenge?

AIA Tampa Bay held a beer bucket challenge, go to, or search YouTube for AIA Tampa Bay Beer Bucket Challenge, to see video; they called out other component members to do a similar fund-raising.  If AIA Space Coast raises $1,500 from our membership, who would you like to treat to a couple of cold beers before or after they get doused with the bucket of ice water?

Our legislators make decisions which directly affect our professional practice, our quality of life, our livelihood.  Candidate campaign cost have increased exponentially over the years.  It is imperative that we set aside some of our earnings to contribute to FAPAC, to ensure that we continue to have a voice in Tallahassee.

Please consider the significance of your gift.  And contribute online or bring your check, made payable to FAPAC, to our next AIA Space Coast meeting.

Thank you!

Donate to FAPAC