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Chapter Elections for 2017 Term Positions

Elections for 2017 Term Positions Will Occur at the August 10, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Please join us at the August 10th Chapter meeting to vote for the 2017 term officer and director positions! You may nominate someone now in the form below.

Consider Serving Your Chapter

Serving as an officer or director of AIA Space Coast is a great way to contribute to the continual improvement of the Chapter and at the same time gain invaluable experience to help further your own professional development and achievements.

Nominate a Candidate…

Use the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the open positions. To make multiple nominations, refresh the page after submitting a single nomination to make the next nomination.

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2017 Officer and Director Positions Open for Election

Detailed and official descriptions of the Chapter officer and director positions are available to read in the Chapter Operations Portfolio documents, linked here. Brief descriptions of the positions follow below.

President 2017 (Position Filled by President-Elect)

The President shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Chapter, except as assigned otherwise by the Chapter bylaws,  and shall preside at meetings of this Chapter and of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The President shall also sign all contracts and agreements to which this Chapter is a party, have charge of and exercise general supervision over the offices of the Chapter, and shall act as a spokesperson of this Chapter and its representatives at meetings with other organizations and committees unless otherwise delegated by the Executive Committee.

Vice President 2017/President-Elect 2018

The Vice President/President Elect shall possess all the powers and perform all the duties of the President in the event of the absence of the President or of the President’s disability, refusal, or failure to act, and shall perform such other duties as are properly assigned by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee or the President.

State Director, 1/2016 – 12/2017 (Term Continues)

The State Director shall be an architect member of the Chapter and shall act for and on behalf of the members of the Chapter in all matters that may properly come before AIA Florida. The State Director shall attend AIA Florida Board of Directors meetings.

Alternate Director, 1/2016 – 12/2017 (Term Continues)

The Alternate Director serves as backup to the State Director in case the State Director is unable to perform his or her duty.

Associate Director, 1/2017 – 12/2017

The Associate Director shall be an associate member of the Chapter and shall serve a 1-year term.

Treasurer, 1/2016 – 12/2017 (Term Continues)

The Treasurer shall have charge and shall exercise general supervision of the financial affairs and keep the record and books of account of this Chapter prepare the budgets; and collect amounts due this Chapter and give receipts for and have custody of its funds and monies and make all disbursement of funds have custody of its securities and of its instruments and papers involving finances and financial commitments, conduct the correspondence relating to the office; and shall perform all duties usual and incidental to the office. The Treasurer shall serve a 2-year term.

Secretary, 1/2017 – 12/2018

The Secretary shall serve a 2-year term, staggered from the Treasurer 2-year term. The Secretary shall record minutes at official Chapter meetings and shall maintain all permanent files and records for the Chapter.

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