Larry Maxwell’s FAPAC Chapter Challenge

To All Members of AIA Space Coast:

I would like to post a challenge to all members of AIA Space Coast.  I will be donating $100.00 to AIA FAPAC and challenge each member to do the same, and for larger firms in the area to give proportionally.  AIA Florida works tirelessly to protect members (and actually even nonmember architects) practicing their profession in Florida, and our profession and our ability to practice our profession is constantly under attack with onerous laws, regulations, court decisions, etc, and AIA Florida is THE ONLY ADVOCATE for our profession in the entire state.

Donations to FAPAC is one way that we can be “at the table” during considerations on issues that affect us.  As the saying goes, “If you are not at the table, you are most likely on the menu!”  Help us maintain our place at the table, not on the menu by contributing to your professional practice.

Let us also show that while we may be the smallest Component in the State, we are active participants by having each and every member of AIA Space Coast be a contributor to AIA Florida FAPAC.  If each AIA Space Coast member could contribute $100.00 towards their profession, we would most likely be the only Component (Chapter) in the state that will be able to say that, and SAY IT PROUDLY.


Larry Maxwell AIA
Spacecoast Architects PA

To make an online FPAC contribution now, CLICK HERE.